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Who we are

The StylePoint project kicks off in 2021, with the aim of giving new designers the opportunity to produce their creations.

The designer only has to present his projects, at StylePoint we take care of everything else: modeling and prototyping; clothing; audiovisual production and commercialization; marketing!

StylePoint is not intended to be a recognized clothing brand, but rather a brand that promotes the work of designers. That’s why “Who We Are” doesn’t matter, what’s important is “Who We Want To Be”, and we want to be any designer who wants to be part of this project, and who wants to grow with it!

At Stylepoint.pt, our online store, there are only exclusive pieces produced exclusively in Portugal.

We don’t produce fashion, we produce clothes designed by designers!

We believe that there are designers with a lot of talent, but not all of them manage to make their ideas and projects go further. Let's do it!


StylePoint is the link between creation and the end consumer. From the designer’s initial sketch to the final piece in the store, we accompany the entire process. For us, social and environmental issues are not just politically correct ideas, they are principles on which we base our work. They are part of our philosophy, because they are! As such, we are committed to making micro-productions that are as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. The pieces we offer are all exclusive, limited and with a quality guarantee.


We want to be a platform that is recognized as a benchmark in the dissemination of projects by talented designers. We want to be the bridge between creativity and the conscious consumer, guaranteeing sustainable and exclusive production.


– Supporting the designer’s creative capacity;

– Always produce the highest quality;

– Always be socially and environmentally responsible;

– Complete transparency throughout our production process;

– Carry out all production in Portugal.

Brand Objectives

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